Pump Up The Jam – Mega Volume Set

Volume Eyelash Extension Set. Handmade Russian fans, heat bonded fans, or classics capped and stacked with fluffy lighter lashes. The technique depends on lash health and is at the discretion of the artist. Please allow 2.5 to 3.5 hours for this set

Classic Rock Set

Classic Rock lash extension set -one lash individually adhered to your natural lash, one at a time. We are meticulous with isolation! Get ready to take the stage and bat your eyes at all your new fans! Please allow 1.5-2 hours for this set

Rock This Way Hybrid Volume Set

Rock this Way with a hybrid mixture of individual classic and volume fan lashes! Please allow 2- 2.5 hours for this appt

Ombre or Color Lash Set

Our gorgeous mix of Ombré Blue and Ombré purple lashes will make you as beautiful and magical as a unicorn! Or choose one or mixture of: burgundy, pink, royal blue, baby blue, forest green, neon green, pale green, brown, black, purple, orange, yellow, red

Classic Eyelash Extension Fill

2 week fill, must have 50% lashes left. This is a one hour fill. If your lashes require more time, please book a hybrid (75-85 min or a Volume fill 90-110 min)

Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Fill

Pump Up The Jam with this Mega Volume fill!!! Handmade 3D+ volume fans, heat bonded fans, or classic lashes capped with a lighter fluffy lash. 90-110 min depending on your natural lash coverage

Hybrid volume Eyelash Extension Fill

Rock this way to a fuller look with a hybrid fill! A mixture of classic and volume lashes 75-90 min

Eyelash Extension Partial Set

Feel a little Sassafrassy with these beautiful lashes sweeping outer corners only

Consultation – Eyelash Extensions

15 minute consultation for eyelash extension services

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