Choosing Your SMP Hairline

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is a popular non-invasive procedure that helps those suffering from hair loss. It gives them the look of a full head of shaved hair, also known as ‘5 O’clock Shadow’, as well as helping clients to regain their self-confidence. SMP has quickly become the world’s leading hair loss solution due to it creating a natural and realistic result.

To achieve the best result, it is essential to get the hairline right. The only way you can guarantee this will be the case is to find the right reputable clinic and artist. This is not as easy as it sounds. Due to a lack of regulations in the SMP industry, many people offer SMP treatment without having proper training. The most critical things SMP artists need to know about are needles, needle depth, and pigment. As well as ourselves here at Rockstar Ink Aesthetics for scalp micropigmentation in California, we also recommend True Micropigmentation Clinic for scalp micropigmentation in Atlanta. If you do not live in these areas, then here are a few things you can do to ensure you get a professional SMP artist:

  1. Assess reviews – the reviews are important. Many clients will leave reviews, and by reading them, you will begin to realize whether this artist can give you what you need, a natural, realistic new style. Do not just rely on the reviews, though.
  2. Assess results – results are essential. A real SMP artist will have before and after photos and videos of clients. But how can you be sure they did the work in the pictures? Look for proof. If the pictures belong to the artist, they usually have things in the background that gives them away; the artist may even appear in some of the photographs or videos as additional evidence. In pictures and videos, another thing to look for is that the artist follows the correct health and safety (i.e., disposable gloves). Natural and realistic results will not matter if you get an infection!

Once you have found the right clinic/studio and artist for you, you need to choose the style you want. Before any sessions are booked, the artist will want to see you for a consultation to discuss the style you want and what they think is best for you. You want to frame your face and enhance your facial symmetry. There are many different hairlines to choose from; they may be called

  • Feathered
  • Jagged
  • Defined
  • Broken
  • Lightweight
  • Edge-up

Different artists may have different names for hairlines, so it is always best to bring a picture for reference.

Everyone has a unique position and shape where their restored hairline should begin; this is usually parallel with the creases you have on your forehead when you raise your brows.

An eyeliner pencil is used to draw out the hairline to help you and the artist envision the replicated hairline so you can both see the look before it is tattooed. Your artist will recommend the styles they believe will suit your face as the main goal is to look natural. If the styles they show you are not what you imagined your hair tattoo to look like, remember the artist has a reputation to uphold. They want the best results for you, and just because you like something does not always mean that is what is best for you. The goal is to look natural and realistic.

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